Skills of Conflict Resolution at Work

Dragana Malešević


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Are you adept at resolving conflicts at work?


This book is a guide for the development of conflict resolution skills. This skill is particularly important in business. We are aware of the sheer number of people who have never mastered these skills and of how this fact, in turn, leads to the deterioration of interpersonal relationships and disturbance of the work atmosphere.


The book offers descriptions, exercises, techniques and specific recommendations on what to do to avoid conflict, what to do when conflict occurs, as well as a self-assessment scale you can use to see what your style of conflict resolution is.


This book helps develop your conflict resolution skills by giving you concrete examples of how to avoid conflict, how to act when a conflict occurs and how to prevent it from flaring up, how to calm your emotions by breathing and rationalize the conflict with the help of techniques and how to be ready to resolve it.


The Coordinates for Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts Techniques has been developed for the purposes of this publication and is described here for the first time. It helps us resolve all our private and business conflicts. By using it, we can rationalize conflicts, anticipate possible solutions to conflicts, and prepare ourselves so that, in resolving conflicts, we know what we want to accept, propose or reject as the outcome of the conflict.


It is our sincere hope that this book will contribute to your personal happiness and success at work, as well as to the improvement of interpersonal relationships and work productivity.

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