Veština upravljanja svojim emocijama i razumevanja emocija drugih ljudi u poslu – engleski jezik

Dragana Malešević


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Do you manage YOUR EMOTIONS at work? Do you understand the emotions of other people at work?

This book is a guide to developing the skills of managing your emotions and understanding other people's emotions.

In this book, you can first get acquainted with the concept of emotional intelligence, and then with what emotions are, how they develop and what they depend on. In relation to emotions, we will consider their impact and deal with the direction of emotions towards ourselves and other people.

The book contains a scale for assessing emotional intelligence in business. With honest answers and calculating sums, you can get results about your emotional intelligence at work.

The book „Skills for managing one's emotions and understanding other people's emotions at work” is from the „Professional Skills" editions. We hope that this book will encourage you to reconsider and contribute to the further development of your professional skills.

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