Veština upravljanja svojim potencijalima – engleski jezik

Dragana Malešević


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This book is a guide for the development of skills for managing one's potential.

When it comes to the skills of managing your potential, in this book, we discuss intelligence and its multiple modalities, our meaning and purpose, volition and self-awareness.

The text of the book is based on scientifically confirmed facts. It contains exercises and techniques that enable self-assessment and the development of skills for managing one's potential. To help you establish balance in your life, we have created the RAVNOTEŽA (EQUILIBRIUM) technique for you. The name of this technique is an acronym made up of the first letters of the elements that you need to devote yourself to in order to establish balance in your life.

The book Skills of Managing Your Potentials belongs to the Professional Skills edition. We sincerely hope that this book will encourage you to reconsider your professional skills and that it will contribute to your further development.

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ISBN: 978-86-81816-08-0 2

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