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The Long-Term Project „Tabula Imperii Byzantini (TIB)“ (Institute for Medieval Research, Division of Byzantine Research) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1966. It is a very active and innovative scholarly endeavour and at the same time a keeper of TIB data sets (slides, photographs etc.), which are of remarkable importance for the Cultural Heritage of the Mediterranean World. Therefore, the entire TIB team (the active and the emeriti scholars) has prepared an edited volume in German entitled „Raum und Geschichte: der historische Atlas ‘Tabula Imperii Byzantini (TIB)’ an der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften“. It was published in July 2020 by the editors Andreas Külzer, Veronika Polloczek and Mihailo St. Popović as volume 3 of the series „Studies in Historical Geography and Cultural Heritage“ at the publishing house Akademska Knjiga. The aim of this publication is to introduce especially to an Austrian audience the history, scholarly results, future ideas and plans and contribution to national as well as international academia of the TIB, since the TIB is an integral part of Austrian scholarship funded by the Austrian society. Although Historical Geography is a very specialised branch of Byzantine Studies, we do believe that the existence of such a project in Austria and its documentation will meet public interest and awareness.



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